Welcome to the 4 Day Evening Walk!

28th and FINAL 4 Day Evening Walk

Thank you to all the walkers who joined in the 4 Day Evening Walk on June 11, 12, 13 and 14, 2018.


Our Volunteers

Without our trail blazers, sweeper, clippers and registration volunteers, this event would simply not be possible. A HUGE ‘thank you’!


Photos: Click here for the 2018 Photo Gallery 

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This was the FINAL 4DAY Evening Walk

Beautiful weather, lovely trails, good people with whom to walk and laugh made this the  last 4DEW a joyful experience and a great way to say goodbye to a cherished tradition.

We hope all who participated over the years will fondly remember the good times you had at this unique event.A tip of our hats to all the hard working visionaries who started the 4 DEW. Their passion and enthusiasm resulted in an event unlike any other in Canada  – indeed- outside of the Netherlands.

With todays time demands of family, career and/or school, there is less time to volunteer. Coupled with rising costs and lower turn outs, it is time to say goodbye to this Canadian-Dutch tradition.

The current 4DEW committee has been proud to bring you this event for the past 10 years along with the help of our many volunteers. Sponsors’ support helped make it all possible while vendors and entertainers added to the energy of the event.


Of course, you – the walker- have been the heart and soul of the walk . Thank you for coming out and making this event memorable.

So long and see you on the trails……             the 4 DEW Committee

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we are a non- profit event organized by volunteers