Who “Runs” the Walk?

The 4 Day Evening Walk takes place every 2nd week of June at the Dundas Valley Conservation Area in Hamilton, Ontario. The organization consists of a group of Dutch (and not so Dutch!!) volunteers who love the 4 Day Evening Walk. We are committed to continuing this great tradition for years to come.

We’re Looking for Volunteers.

Interested in joining us? We are always looking for people to help out before and during the event. We need people to help with registration and to man checkpoints along the route, as well as people to join our committee and help plan the event each year. Please Contact US if you’re interested!

A Brief History of “Avond-Vierdaagse” (4 Day Evening Walk

In 1909, the Royal Dutch Association for Physical Education introduced 4 day walking marches which became known as ‘Vierdaagse’ (Four Day  Walk).

In 1941, the first “Avond-Vierdaagse”(4 Day Evening Walk) was introduced as a training ground for the longer day walk to encourage a wider range of participants. Both day and evening walks were suspended for the last 3 years of World War II occupation of the Netherlands as they were seen as a form of resistance against the occupiers. During this time, Canada provided a safe haven for the Dutch Royal Family in Ottawa and a princess was born during this time. As an expression of gratitude, Holland provides thousands of tulip bulbs each year to the city of Ottawa Tulip Festival.

In 1945 Canadian soldiers liberated the Netherlands from the Nazi occupation at the end of World War II and the 4 Day Walks (and evening walk version) resumed.

In 1988 crown Princess Beatrix and her husband Claus visited Toronto and Burlington’s Royal Botanical Gardens. Subsequently, the surrounding communities of Dutch heritage organized the 1st 4 Day Evening Walk at this location. The yearly walk now takes place in the beautiful Dundas Valley Conservation Area.

Thank you to the City of Hamilton for funding support!